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Education:        B.S.E.  University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Employment:    Aldine I.S.D.   January 1991 - 2000  Art teacher, Physical Education , Football,
                       Basketball, Track Coach

                       Cypress Fairbanks I.S.D. 2000 - 2010  Physical Education, Department Chair,     
                       Football, Basketball Coach

                       Waller I.S.D.  2010 - Present   Art Teacher

I am proud to be a teacher at Waller Jr. High.  After 20 years of teaching / coaching,  I have found a school that offers the best to the students and teachers. This is one of the best administrative and teaching staffs I have seen. I hope that this school will continue to excell to exemplary.
 I believe that all students can learn and excell with a good teacher / coaches and support from their homes.
You may reach me at jgranderson@wallerisd.net  if you have questions or comments. 
 thank you, John Granderson

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